AWS have recently launched Amazon EC2 Resource Optimisation Recommendations with certain similarities to 3rd party tools such as CloudCheckr, which can identify idle and underutilised EC2 instances across your accounts and regions using a combination of cloudwatch, resource usage and existing reservations can propose recommendations for reducing costs. Many individuals/companies building new instances or lifting and shifting on-premise servers often have excessive resources allocated which in the cloud world costs you money.

This guide looks at enabling EC2 Resource Optimisation to analyses your spend with the goal to ultimately reduce your AWS costs.

To turn Amazon EC2 Resource Optimisation Recommendations on, search for AWS Cost Explorer within the Management Console

Within Cost Explorer, Enable Cost Explorer, you will then have to wait 24 hours to see your spend data

After around 24 hours you should see optimisation and reservation recommendations, as you can see from the image below even a small environment savings can be had just by purchasing reservations on RDS and EC2's, within larger environments there are potentially huge savings to be made.