Distributed Availability Groups were introduced in SQL 2016 and compliment AlwaysOn Availability Groups, their main use cases are for Disaster Recovery, Multi-Site configurations, migrations to the latest Operating Systems and increasing the number of read replicas. When you come to remove a database from a DAG it is not as simple as just deleting a database as you normally do when deleting databases from a normal AG as this removes it from the primary AG but leaves a disjointed copy in the secondary/DR AG.

This guide shows you how to delete a database that is distributed across 4 servers/instances within 2 availability groups.

Firefox have recently launched a feature that allows you to encrypt your DNS traffic, historically DNS uses a combination of UDP and/or TCP on port 53 which has always been available to see in plain text. This controversial feature moves DNS away from the network OS level to the application level.

With this setting enabled the domain name you typed is sent to a DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) compatible server using an encrypted HTTPS connection instead of a plain text one. This prevents third parties (malicious or not) from observing your DNS traffic.

This article shows you how to enable the setting in Firefox and show the setting in action within Wireshark.

When working with Outlook over recent years one of the most frustrating issues is that reminders for calendar entries are hidden behind other windows if you do not have Outlook as the active window, this can often cause you to miss/turn up late to important meetings/appointments.

This guide shows you how to enable it in the most recent versions in which Microsoft have finally addressed and also how to enable it using a self signed certificate and VBA in older versions.

Firefox Monitor

Firefox have teamed up with “Have I Been Pwned" to offer a service that allows you to check your email address against a database that serves as a library of data breaches. It will let you know if your email address and/or personal info was involved in a publicly known past data breach. Once you know where your email address was compromised you should at the very least change that system password and any other place where you’ve used that password.

This guide shows you how to check if your details have been compromised.

The following instructions will guide you through configuring Ubunutu 18.04 LTS on a Dell XPS 13 (9370) that came pre-installed with Windows 10;