The following article shows you how to easily remotely upgrade your HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) firmware using the HP RESTful Interface Tool from a windows server.

Requirements of Server to be upgraded

HPE ProLiant Gen 9 or greater server
iLO 4 2.10 or later

Download and Install the RESTful Interface Tool

Download and install from the HP website or directly at

Download and verify the firmware

Download from the HP website the correct version of firmware for your version of iLO with the .fwpkg extension

As with any firmware it is important to verify the checksum which can be done using the following powershell command,

Get-FileHash C:\Temp\ilo5_216.fwpkg -Algorithm SHA256

This will return the hash of the file which can then be checked against the HP file shown on the download page, these must  match up otherwise you have corruption in your downloaded file and it should be downloaded again.

Run the Command

Run CMD as administrator then change to the directory where the RESTful Interface Tool has been installed, 

cd "c:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\RESTful Interface Tool"

Then run the command to upgrade your firmware

ilorest flashfwpkg "C:\Temp\ilo5_216.fwpkg" --url <ilo ip> -u Administrator -p <password>

Once the command has been ran the firmware will upload, update then reboot the iLO controller.

When this process has completed you can verify the firmware has been updated by logging into the iLO web interface and check the iLO Firmware Version within the Overview tab.