The following instructions will guide you through configuring SFlow on Extreme XOS switching;


enable sflow
configure sflow agent <ipaddress of switch or stack>
configure sflow collector <ip address of sflow collector> port <port number, default is 6343 on UDP> vr <virtual router>
configure sflow sample-rate <nth packet to be sampled, default is 8192>
configure sflow poll-interval <seconds between each poll>
enable sflow ports <port, port range or all> {ingress | egress | both }

Example Configuration

enable sflow
configure sflow agent
configure sflow collector port 6343 vr VR-Default
configure sflow sample-rate 8192
configure sflow poll-interval 20
enable sflow ports all (Applies sflow to ingress traffic on all ports)

Verify Configuration

To show the sflow configuration with configured agent IP, collector IP, port used, virtual router, sample rates, sflow-type, polling interval etc;

show sflow configuration

Show Statistics

To show sflow statistics;

show sflow statistics