When trying to delete a file from within an Azure File Share that may has been mapped and also locked open you may get the following error when trying to delete the file:

"Failed to delete file path/name'. Error: The specified resource may be in use by an SMB client"
You will see this type of error on Storage v1 and v2 account types possibly in an FSLogix situation with the mapping of VHD and VHDX files. This article shows you how to utilise PowerShell to clear the lock.

This cannot be done with the GUI so PowerShell or Cloud Shell must be used.

If you do not have the Azure powershell module installed, install it with

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber 

Accept and install any missing pre-requisites (i.e. NuGet)
Connect to Azure and login with an admin account of sufficient privileges


Select the subscription of the target account

Select-AzSubscription -subscriptionid "SubscriptionID"

The Subscription ID is shown within the Overview page under the Storage Account you are connecting to

Create storage context for the target storage account

$Context = New-AzStorageContext -StorageAccountName "StorageAccountName" -StorageAccountKey "StorageAccessKey"

The storage account name and storage access key can be obtained from Settings > Access Keys within the Storage Account

Get the current open handles of the file share

Get-AzStorageFileHandle -Context $Context -ShareName "FileShareName" -Recursive

The file share name can be confirmed within the file shares

This will return a list of open files within the share and the file you are having trouble with should be shown.

Copy the path to the file in question.

Close the open handle

Close-AzStorageFileHandle -Context $Context -ShareName "FileShareName" -Path 'path to file copied from the list' -CloseAll

Re-run the open handles command to verify it has closed, you should now be able to delete it.